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a little about me

My passions include both the artistic and the academic.  I am constantly pulled between the two. I will forever be a student.  One particular medium has always been a constant for me.


I started photography as a hobby a long time ago as a kid with 110 film and flashes that needed to be replaced.

I moved on to developing my own film and learning to dodge and burn in my own darkroom.  My subjects varied from people to nature and back again.  I've decided to incorporate aspects of both into my art and it has resulted in my favorite images. 


What inspired me to turn this hobby into a career was the desire to create my own hours.  Working a normal schedule is no longer an option for me and I want to be able to satisfy both my academic and artistic soul. 

Owning my own business allows me to create beautiful art while taking care of myself and my family and continuing my educational endeavors.

Let me create some beautiful memories for your family.

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